Sensetec Intruder Alarms

A CCTV System can dramatically reduce crime levels.
A complete range of CCTV cameras are available, including the latest Day/Night cameras, Fixed and Speed Domes with combined Motion Detection. All cameras will provide high resolution pictures under varied conditions depending on requirements.

Cameras can be controlled remotely, and programmed to follow set ‘patrols’ in ‘out of hours’ situations, or react to motion detection systems, thus minimising workload for the staff or the end user. Camera housings are available to suit all environments, public, retail, vandal resistant, and commercial/industrial.


Sensetec Intruder Alarms   The development of digital CCTV and technology means recording can be constant without the need for videotapes, providing the end user with instant playback of images and video footage, at the exact same quality as the camera produced.

CCTV monitors are available to suit all requirements, LCD flat panel and TFT’s are available to suit all specifications and requirements.

-Data Protection Act:
The 1998 Data Protection Act has implications for installers, and manager/operators of CCTV systems, whether Digital or Videocassette Recording. We can provide everything you need to comply with the above and help to ensure that your system is being operated in accordance with this and other pieces of legislation, such as the 1998 Human Rights Act. or Commissioner Information line on: 01625 545745