24 Hour
Sensetec Intruder Alarms

We provide 24hr monitoring for our intruder alarm systems to our alarm receiving centre via the BT redcare network.

Redcare is the best possible kind of alarm monitoring as it monitors your alarm 24hours a day 7 days a week, via a BT phone line. This means that your alarm will communicate continuously with the alarm receiving centre, even to let it know if your phone line has been cut. 

For higher risk solutions, redcare GSM is further supported with a wireless back up path which means that signals will continue to get through even after the Phone line has been cut.

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Sensetec Intruder Alarms

As with any serviceable equipment it is important that your security system is regularly maintained.

At SENSETEC we believe the most effective security system is one that is serviced regularly to prevent any problems before they may occur, as well as providing the reliability required of a security system.

We provide a dedicated 24hr support service for support and emergency situations whenever they occur. Our regular preventative inspections are backed-up with a 24hr response if required.

Take Overs
SENSETEC provide a takeover service for all customers who, for whatever reason have a non-maintained intruder alarm system.

We can attend your premises, conduct a takeover survey and advise you on the condition of your security system.

We can maintain your existing intruder alarm system in accordance with BS 4737 and provide you with a 24-hour call out service.